Hospital Management EMR

Comprehensive, secure and innovative healthcare management solutions for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and radiology centers built by the domain experts.

Effective management of information plays a significant role in delivery of health care services for health providers.


Danphe EMR is a enterprise web-based application which covers all day to day aspects of Hospital management end to end. Its currently live 50 plus hospitals in Asia(India,Nepal and Bangladesh).

Modules in Danphe EMR

It has around 40 modules and below are important ones listed.

  • Registration/Patient
  • Appointment
  • Billing Module
  • Accounting Module
  • Inventory Management
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Laboratory Management
  • User Module
  • Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT)
  • Nursing Module
  • Sub-store Module
  • Radiology Management
  • Medical Record
  • Emergency
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Doctors


Click on below demo link and check out live application

View Demo

Use below credentials for login

Username : admin
Password : pass123

Setup & Installation

  • This details for developers who wants to clone DanpheEMR, Use it and help us for improvements.
  • We have all details like software and tools requirements
  • Step by step guide for build and run project
  • Database creation and more..


  • Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • VS code
  • MS SQL Server 2017 (14.0.202) or later

Important note

  • Make sure you run source code from a proper drive like "C:\Danphe" drive or "D:\Danphe" drive and not in Desktop or downloads folder. This is needed because the code needs elevated rights.
  • In Appsettings.json change the below values to your directory paths
    "ServiceAccountKey": "D:\\DanpheGitLab\\FileUploadTest\\credentials.json",
    "LoggerFilePath": "D:\\DanpheGitLab\\FileUploadTest\\FileUploadTestLogger",
    "UploadFileBasePath": "D:\\DanpheGitLab\\FileUploadTest\\LabReports"

Build Angular Project

  • Go to Code\Websites\DanpheEMR\wwwroot\DanpheApp path and open DanpheApp folder in VS code
  • Open a new terminal and execute below command
                    npm install
  • Then execute below command
                    ng build --watch

Database Creation

  • Go to Database folder and execute 1. DanpheAdmin_CompleteDB.sql file in sql server(This will create admin database)
  • Go to Database folder extract rar file 2.DanpheEMR_OS.rar
  • Then restore database by using bak file in database folder and this is main database with name DanpheEMR_OS
  • After successful restore go to Database folder and execute increamental file 3.Increamental_DBScript.sql on DanpheEMR_OS database

Build Project

  • Go to Code\Solutions and open solution DanpheEMR.sln in visual studio
  • Note: If DanpheEMR project not loaded in visual studio then please install .net core sdk version 3.1.301 or change sdk version number as per your machine sdk in global.json file path=> Solution Items\global.json file
  • Update appsetting.json file for database name and credentials

    Go to DanpheEMR project (in visual studio) and open appsettings.json file

    Here we have 3 connection strings. Update every connection string with your machine database name (initial catalog) and data source name.

  • Build DanpheEMR (project server side)

    Go to visual studio and right click on solution name

    click on Rebuild solution

  • Run project

Project Document

  • This document section only for developers who want to clone and check project architecture
  • Please download and read document. We added pictures, details about project structure, files and folders
  • Click on below link and download document file

Sponsored By

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We thanks all supporters,developers and people who contributed in this project

Where we are live

SGM Ayurvedic Hospital

This hospital plays a vital role to improve the Mental, Physical and Social health of society through Ayurveda.

View Detail

Maya Metro Hospital

This hospital plays a vital role related to health issues and there solution in far west development region in Nepal , with great experience and expert doctors team.

View Detail

Mark International Kidney Center (MIKC)

MI Kidney Centre will always focus on patient-oriented management,uplift its social responsibility, by not only treating kidney diseases with superior and advance healthcare services but also heading in preventive management.

View Detail

HAMS (Hospital for Advanced Medicine and Surgery

Hospital for Advanced Medicine & Surgery (HAMS) is a multi-disciplinary tertiary care boutique hospital. With a faculty like no other supported by highly-experienced clinicians, technicians & administrators, backed by state-of-the-art technology and dependable infrastructure.

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Manmohan Memorial Medical College and Teaching Hospital

Manamohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) is establishedunder NEHCO. NEHCO is committed to invest its all efforts to ensure the quality health care service delivery and to provide the practical.

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Kaligandaki Diagnostic Research Centre (KDRC)

The Kaligandaki Diagnosis and Research Center is highly committed to provide excellent medical imaging and perform intervention procedures with timely and accurate diagnosis with the least economic impact to its patients.

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Matrika Eye center

A private clinic established to introduce advanced equipment for comprehensive eye care & management.

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Buddhanilakantha Hospital

A doctors' team that believes in ensuring affordable and quality basic medical services . we work to prevent and reduce illness in an affordable set up.

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Rhythm Hospital

Rhythm Neuropsychiatry hospital in psychiatric and psychological services( mental health services)dealing with emotional issues, strengthening personality,addiction services(drugs and alcohol) and allied neurological services under single umbrella with team of best psychiatrist and psychologists.

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Charak Memorial Hospital

CHARAK MEMORIAL Hospital's in the vicinity of Western Region is committed to innovation and the adoption of new appropriate and cost effective technologies for the promotion of health services of individuals and community.

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Manakamana Hospital

Our hospital building is built to provide the most convenient space for patients. Our clinical specialists are competent in knowledge and experience. We have cool and calm environment with ample parking inside the hospital.

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